Left handed ukulele tuning

Left handed ukulele tuning

Approximately 10 percent of the population is lefthanded.  To play ukulele left-handed, you use your left hand to strum and your right hand to fret chords. When it comes to playing ukulele left handed, there are four options options available to you.

Option 1. Flip the right-handed ukulele and restring to a lefty.

Option 2. Flip the right-handed ukulele but don’t flip the strings.

Option 3. Buy a left-handed ukulele.



Option 4. Play right handed


The Standard Ukulele Tuning  for left-handed ukuleleis g C E A.

It is the most common ukulele tuning and is the tuning you need in order to play most of the songs.  The open strings of the ukulele are as follows:

G:  the 4th string
C:  the 3rd string
E:  the 2nd string
A:  the 1st string


This video guide is part of our  ukulele tuning  video series.


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