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Easy Ukulele Chords Tutorial #1

How to read an ukulele chord diagram?


To read a ukulele chord diagram is not difficult. You just need to imagine watching at a ukulele fretboard in front of you.  The headstock would be at the top. The body of the ukulele would be at the bottom. The vertical lines of the diagram are the strings G C E A from left to right (this is the standard ukulele tuning). The frets are the horizontal lines. Unfortunately, for many beginners, learning ukulele chords and shapes this way is not that easy.  Therefore, we decided to visualize ukulele chords diagrams and shapes in a different way. We positioned them on a 3D fretboard!  Now the chord shape looks the same way it would look like if you hold a ukulele in your hands and you placed your fingers on the fretboard. Thanks to our 3D Visualization Tool reading ukulele chords diagrams and chord shapes is easy and fun.



 Our 3D tool displays Ukulele Chords and shapes in two different ways:

  • In a standard way- as a standard diagram where each chord diagram has dots. The dot represents the placement of your finger and the number inside the dot shows you which finger to use. The strings are illustrated as vertical lines – G C E A string from left to right, and the frets are the horizontal lines.


  • In 3D way with a visualized 3D ukulele with colored dots placed directly on the fretboard (also called the fingerboard) and a diagram of a hand with colored fingers. All ukulele chord diagrams are represented by different colored dots placed on the 3D fretboard.  Each dot has a unique color that represents the placement of a particular finger. Instead of a number, the finger has a unique color which is the same as the color of the dot, on top of which, the finger has to be placed.
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7 basic major ukulele chords

The seven basic major ukulele chords A B C D E F G are the first ones every ukulele player should learn. They are all basic to playing a variety of tunes. If you are looking for the most basic ukulele chords for beginners, these are the ones to start with. Except for the B and E chords which aren’t easy to play, A C D F and G chords are pretty easy to play because you would only need one, two or maximum three fingers for fretting.  It’s important for beginners to tune their ukulele before playing. The easiest ways to make sure the ukulele is in tune is to use our online ukulele tuner or to use an electronic tuner.  You have to tune your ukulele in standard (gCEA) tuning.


7 basic minor ukulele chords

Minor chords are the most common next to major ones. Along with the major chords, the minor chords are the most important types of chords in music and they are widely used. Minor chords sound sad and “dark”.  Minor chords are indicated with a lowercase “m” after the chord name. For example,  G has G minor (Gm), A7 has A minor 7 (Am7), and so on. The most important minor chords to learn when you are just starting out are Am, Dm and Em. The list with the 7 basic minor chords is below. Don`t forget to tune your ukulele in standard (gCEA) tuning.

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7 basic Seventh ukulele chords

Seventh chords are not difficult to play. Building seventh chords is actually quite easy.  They are commonly used in Jazz and Funk and have the power to create blends of emotions. Seventh chords always add a nice and groovy feeling to any song. They are made up of a triad and an added seventh above the root. If you build a triad on C note you will use the notes C-E-G. So, if you add a 7th above C then you will have C-E-G-B which is a basic C seventh chord.


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5 basic sharp major ukulele chords | Learn to play C#, D#, F#, G#, A#


The ukulele is a fantastic instrument and it is easy to learn. All you need to do is to start with basic ukulele chords for beginners. These are pretty easy to pick up and If you learn some of the chords listed on this page, you will be able to play hundreds of songs.  Despite the fact that many songs can be played with just 3 or 4 chords from the list above, you should always try to learn and practice new chords. Practice every day. This way your fingers will develop muscle memory and you won’t need to look at the fretboard to make sure whether you have positioned your fingers on the strings correctly. Watch ukulele videos, play along with ukulele music, make your own song covers and learn from the best ukulele players. Their music will inspire and motivate you.

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