Best Ukulele Picks in 2022

best ukulele picks
best ukulele picks

There are no rules to play the ukulele. Except… maybe for this one: never use a pick ;). Of course, every rule has its exception. But before we tell you the right reasons to use a ukulele pick, and what are the best ukulele picks and ukulele fingerpicks,  let us give you three very good reasons to avoid them.



1. It sounds like a guitar: Playing with a hard pick makes your ukulele sound less like an actual uke and more like a guitar (a very small and cheap one). If that’s what you want, why don’t you just play the guitar?

2. You can’t strum and tap at the same time: With a ukulele pick, you lose many possibilities of strumming that the ukulele has. There is a whole world of types of strumming that simply will not be within your reach if you have a plectrum (or pick) pinged between your fingers.

3. It could ruin your ukulele: Normal strumming causes wear on the top cover of any ukulele, but the picks will eat the top of your instrument faster than a mouse could eat a cookie.



Ok, now that everything is clear, we’ll tell you a couple of reasons why you might want to use a ukulele pick:

1. The plucking: Rigid picks produce a shrill sound when you strum them, but many ukulele performers use special picks added to their fingers for a greater effect. Because these picks are designed to be used with the guitar (especially those of the thumb) some ukulele players cut them out so they don’t damage the ukulele cover.

2. To create effects: A felt pick can produce a nice sweet tone, particularly in tenor ukuleles and baritones. Do you want to break the corduroy? Then you must choose a rigid plectrum and get the sound that speaks for you. But do not think that the barb serves to gain speed.


How to choose ukulele picks?

Always avoid the normal guitar picks as they are designed for metal strings. The classic ukulele pick is the felt pick, available in a multitude of shapes such as oval or triangular, different sizes, thicknesses, and hardness grades. The softer it is, the sweeter the sound it will generate. There are even polifieltro tines with a rigid core that provides a powerful attack without that characteristic “click” of the plastic.
Along with felt, leather is a classic material for making ukulele picks and has been used for over one hundred years. A modern version of these is the “Wedgie” rubber picks. They are sold with a multitude of thicknesses and degrees of hardness, in addition to having a molded grip, making them suitable for adults and children.

Which one is the best and where to get a ukulele pick?

Actually, there is no rule when it comes to this. Choose the one that works the best for you.  The best thing you can do is go to your favorite music store, where you can see and try many options. We recommend these brands anyway:


Best Ukulele Picks in 2022

1.  Bolo Ukulele Pick

Bolo Pick ukulele

BoloPick comes in 6 pack. In case you lose one you will always have one handy and they come in different colors.

BoloPick Ukelele Picks are SMALLER and SOFTER than typical felt Picks. They have a Standard 351 guitar pick shape, 3mm thick.
They are made of an exclusive synthetic felt which ensures a mellow authentic sound. Made in the USA they are on top of our list for best ukulele picks.

Perfect for Ukulele. Excellent for beginners.

2.  Dunlop’s 9020TP Shell plastic uke pick

Dunlop ukulele picks

Dunlop’s 9020TP Shell plastic finger and thumb picks are also one thing to look at, because you want to channel your inner tiger. You can use Dunlop’s 9020TP for Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone Size Ukulele.  Dunlop`s 9020 are on top of our list for best ukulele finger picks.

You can use plastic finger picks and thumb picks on almost any stringed instrument and give the player a warm tonal response and increased control.
Includes: 1 large thumb pick and 3 large finger picks
Material: Plastic  Color: Shell

3.  Golden Gate’s FP-1 ukulele pick

felt ukulele picks

Golden Gate’s FP-1 Ukulele felt picks comes in a 3 pack presentation and they have a nice printed logo on them.

Golden Gate ukulele picks are made of the highest quality felt and give you that mellow, authentic tone that makes playing the ukulele so much fun!

4. Lohanu Leather Picks for Ukulele

leather ukulele picks

  • Genuine Leather Picks: our leather picks are made with the highest quality materials to the highest quality standards; the best picking and strumming accessory for your ukulele that also works great for guitar and bass
  • Superior Sound: you have to strum it to hear the sound difference; produces a warmer richer tone compared to plastic (too bright and loud) or felt picks (too soft and mellow)
  • Easy to Grip Cutout Hole: designed to help you to hold the picks easily with less stress to your finger and thumb, and prevents you from dropping your pick when strumming
  • This 3 pack includes Black, Elegant White, and Natural Tan color picks that are firm yet soft and flexible
  • No-Risk 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: our leather picks are backed by our manufacturer Unconditional Lifetime Free Replacement Warranty and money-back guarantee backed up by our Best Customer Service from a CANADIAN Company; Lohanu has the most 5 star reviews for a ukulele

5.  Honu Ukulele Picks

leather ukulele picks

HonuPicks Ukulele picks 3-Pack are made of leather with an ergonomic design that offers a very clear sound. They’re special for people with certain conditions as arthritis and neuropathy.  HonuPicks are the only patented genuine LEATHER PICKS that produce sound just like playing ukulele with your finger! Certainly, all other picks are flat, make distracting “pick slap” noise when strumming, and cause fatigue on the thumb and forefinger. HonuPicks never get floppy! Three dimensional and ergonomically designed, they really make playing easier for those with long fingernails, arthritis, or neuropathy. You can hold them lightly between the thumb and the side of your second finger while your first finger rests on top, so you don’t have to grip hard to play. These deserve to be on our list with the best ukulele picks.

This offer is for 3 Original HonuPicks.

6.  National NP-8W Thumb Picks for ukulele

plastic ukulele picks

National NP-8W Thumb Picks are your best choice in case you want to use only thumb picks. They come in a 12 pack and are available in white, black and shell colors. They are very comfortable and also, have a long life.

7.  MIBOW Ukulele Picks

felt ukulele picks

Felt Picks – these felt picks are made of synthetic felt. They do not make a percussive sound as the plastic and metal pick when you hit the strings. Therefore, MIBOW are suitable for ukulele and guitar strings.

First of all, they are soft and comfortable, the guitar picks provide a very mellow authentic sound.
Smooth and non-slippery – these felt picks are easy to hold than the other plastic picks with synthetic felt surfaces. Also, you can enjoy smooth playing.
Firm and durable – because MIBOW makes picks of high-density felt material. Certainly, they are firm and durable enough for your ukulele and bass guitar. Finally, MIBOW picks will not mark or scratch your ukulele.



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