Best Ukulele Stands

best ukulele stands
best ukulele stands

After a long session of strumming and playing,  you need a secure place to store your prized ukulele. Something to place your precious instrument to avoid accidents, damages, scratches, and slips that can be fatal in many cases. Even being an instrument with a compact and quite comfortable construction,  you will always need a reliable stand to hold it until you are ready to practice again or keep playing your gig.  You can always store your uke inside a gig bag or case, but sometimes you may want to have it on display or close by. Therefore you might need a ukulele stand your instrument. Finding the best ukulele stands is a matter of taking into account some specific qualities.

Depending on the manufacturer ukulele stands come in all sorts of colors, designs, and features to suit any need.  But when it comes to storing and protecting your instrument, you need a ukulele stand you know you can trust.  There are several types of stands built with different materials, that offers different kinds of support for your instrument. They can be made of wood, plastic, and metal, any of these can be a good stand depending on the durability and quality you’re seeking, not to mention safety and why not looks and appearance.

In this section, you’ll find more than enough top-quality ukulele stands to protect your instrument when it’s not in use.


Top 7 Best Ukulele Stands

1.  Stagg SUVM-A100BK

The ‘Stagg SUVM-A100BK’ is a very functional foldable stand with an “A” shape made of steel; the hooks are provided with a soft rubber covering to avoid your instrument from scratching. Works good for ukuleles, mandolin and violin. As simple as it is it is also very elegant.

The stand has steel construction, 2 cradling hooks, and backrest with soft rubber covering to hold instrument securely and prevent it from scratching.
Also, a  locking mechanism to keep stand safely open. It folds flat for convenient storage and portability.

2.  Kala Mahogany ukulele Stand Out

Kala Mahogany ukulele Stand Out’ fully made of beautiful mahogany, with a very innovative design able to hold all sizes of ukuleles, it is also foldable to carry on your gig bag.

Designed by a musician, this stand is an inexpensive version of our high end, solid wood stands. It is crafted of Mahogany veneer with padded, foam inlay and engineered to safely hold any standard size, commonly shaped ukulele.

Easy, one-step assembly – simply slide slotted pieces together. It has a soft foam edge to protect the finish on your Ukulele.  Fits Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone Size Ukulele.

3.  Ukulele Wall Hanger

If you’re looking for something functional and even decorative you might wanna try a wall hanger like the ‘Ukulele Wall Hanger’  made of wood. You can also use it to hold guitars or mandolins. It’s very easy to install and it’s good to display your beloved instruments in your bedroom.

The stand is made of wood and high-quality heavy-duty plastic and is very easy to install. Auto lock function keeps your lovely musical instrument safe. Rubber Pad holder does not scratch your instrument. Save space with Wall Mount Hanger and decorate your room.

4.  On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Stand

The next stand is ‘On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand’. As the name says it is the perfect assistant for your gigs on stages.

This stand not only looks good or functional but also very resistant and accident proof with rubber holders to avoid any slips. It is compatible with acoustic or electric guitars and basses as well.

5.  LC Prime ukulele stand

LC’s Prime ukulele, violin and mandolin stand is your best choice if you’re looking for something compact, portable, and adjustable folding for saving space this stand has a big plus which is an extendable holding arm made of Silicon and cushion plastic silicone to rest your instrument just fine and protect it from scratching.

Check this product price and reviews below:

6.  Aroma Aluminum Floor Stand

Aroma’s ‘Aluminum Floor Stand Blue AGS8’ is an adjustable stand for all types of guitars and basses, also works nice for your ukulele, with a foldable design to easily carry almost everywhere. Maybe it’s not the best looking out there, but it looks very resistant and steady.

7.  Nordic Essentials Stand

Nordic Essentials’ guitars stand for acoustic, electric, classical guitars and violin, is also a perfect fit for instruments like ukulele, bass, banjo, and mandolin. Very similar to the previous standby Aroma with almost the same features.




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