Best Ukulele For Kids

best ukulele for kids
best ukulele for kids

Best Ukulele For Kids


Why is the ukulele great for kids and which is the best ukulele for kids?

These are the two most important questions the parents ask when their kids are about to start learning music on.


5 Reasons Why Is The Ukulele Great for Kids?


  #1  It is easy to learn

  #2  It is fun

  #3  it is portable and inexpensive

  #4  children can play and sing at the same time

  #5  It is a great stepping stone to the guitar


Best Ukulele For Kids


For kids, one of the most important requirements when it comes to ukulele is the comfort of playing. The ukulele is a pretty small instrument and it’s perfect for little fingers. Ukulele is easy to start learning songs fast and it’s probably the best instrument to learn music on.

You are probably wondering what kind of ukulele should you buy and which ukulele size is the best for kids?  Well, it depends very much on a child’s age. Ukulele is very small and easy to handle instrument. But keep in mind that ukulele size is only one part of making it easy for your child to play. The following post will help you choose the right sized ukulele for your child and which is the best ukulele for kids.



Top 5 Ukuleles to Get Your Child

1.   Honsing Soprano Ukulele Beginner

This traditional Soprano ukulele takes its design from traditional Hawaiian body ornamentation.

It is made from Basswood on top, back and sides . The size is 21  and has 12 frets.

This beautiful model is Equipped with white nylon strings and silver geared tuners. 

The Rainbow Stripes will make you feel happy every time you look at it.

Comes with a Gig Bag

2.   Hola! Music HM-21BR Soprano Ukulele Bundle

The overall length of this Soprano Ukulele is 21 inch.
The body is is made out of Maple, the Bridge which holds the strings is made out of Rosewood.

It comes with pre-installed Premium Italian Aquila Nylgut Strings, therefore this ukulele produces an amazing sound. Many experienced players would recommend Aquila Strings.
This soprano ukulele bundle comes with canvas tote bag, strap and picks, color series.

Crafted to let you to create warm Hawaiian harmonies, this ukulele is the best gift you can buy for your child, yourself or your loved one.

3.   Everjoys Soprano Ukulele Beginner Pack

The elite 21″ Soprano Ukulele brings the unique melodic sound of the Hawaiian Islands.

This cost-effective Beginner Pack includes a 21″ soprano ukulele, a handy digital tuner, a fun How-To-Play songbook, a spare pick, a spare string, a microfiber polishing cloth,a strap, a convenient bag and a printed box.

The ukulele combines selected fine basswood for the body, solid wood for the neck and black wood for the finger board and bridge, 12 Nickel Silver Frets .

4.   ADM 21″ Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack

This soprano ukulele is good for everyone – children or adults, novices or professionals, the ukulele is suitable for everyone who starts to play a musical instrument.

It is  an ALL-IN-ONE  Economic Starter Pack with Gig bag, Tuner, Fingerboard Sticker, Chord card. The waterproof nylon bag offers great protection, the clip-on tuner with LED display will help you tune it easily and the hook-in strap will let you play in standing position. The polishing cloth will help you keep this uke clean and the plectrums are simply gifts.

Selected basswood fingerboard and bridge offers both sturdy construct and smooth touch. You can roll over the frets freely on the nylon strings whether playing chords or single notes. With basswood top, linden back and side, this cool soprano ukulele offers a bright and distinctive sound whether you solo or jam with friends.

5.   Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele



This Kala Mahogany Ukulele offer a full-bodied tone with plenty of Sweet Highs and Mellow Lows that combine for a full rich sound.
The all-mahogany construction delivers a tone that is bright, yet warm with enough volume that you will be heard while playing with a group
The KA-15S  has a Mahogany top, back and sides and this amazing Soprano Ukulele pumps out a lot of sound despite its diminutive size.
The satin finish gives the KA-15S Ukulele an antique feel.  Guitar players will appreciate the low action and the ease of play ability.
It has a set of die-cast tuning machines and comes with Soprano Ukulele gig bag (soft case).