Best Ukulele Cases in 2022

best ukulele cases
best ukulele cases

Transporting and carrying your instrument is a really important matter. Once you’re done practicing or performing,  you need a secure place to store your prized ukulele. You need a quality ukulele case to place your precious instrument to avoid accidents, damages or scratches.  Finally, keeping it safe is a top priority to ensure its proper functioning. But how to figure out what are the best ukulele cases for your instrument?

Well, there are many external factors that can damage your ukulele. Factors over which we don’t have control, such as weather, humidity, and exposure to sunlight. These factors can also have negative effects on the instrument. That is why you should always keep your ukulele safe inside a case that is specially designed for your instrument.  A ukulele case that protects it from all these agents that can compromise its integrity and functioning.

Finding the best ukulele case

is a matter of taking into account some specific factors, such as the size and the material of the ukulele case. There are several types of cases on the market to store and protect your ukulele. Take into account that these must be made to fit your ukulele because although a guitar case would do the trick, the idea is to have the right one with the precise dimensions to ensure better protection for your instrument. If what you want is maximum security, the hard case may be your first option. Hard, resistant but elegant on the outside and soft and padded inside. Some are provided with pockets to store accessories for your ukulele. This type of case guarantees total protection against bumps or accidents.

You should definitely take the necessary time to explore all the options available out there in music stores and in the shopping websites. Each ukulele case brings something different to the forefront, so making sure you check out each until you find the one that best fits your requirements.  Finally, make sure to shop based on the size of your ukulele.

7 Best Ukulele Cases for 2022 

1.  Knox Gear Ukulele Padded Case

Knox Gear Ukulele Padded Protective Carrying Case for Soprano

This hard padding cutout case is made to fit Soprano size ukuleles so they don`t move around. Provides outside waterproof protection for your ukulele. It has a carrying handle and strap for over the shoulder carrying.

Also, the case has an extra interior compartment to keep your tuner, extra strings and other ukulele accessories

2.  Crossrock Soprano Ukulele Hard-Shell Case

Crossrock CRA800SUBL ABS Soprano Ukulele Hard-Shell Case

Textured anti scratch ABS exterior with deep plush inside lining.
3 latches ensures the safety of ukulele inside. Single-shoulder adjustable strap and a spacious accessory compartment with lid help you to carry more items.
Sturdy molded handle and free single shoulder strap. Also, you can equip the case to backpack as long as you purchase a pair of straps. Fits Soprano Ukulele.

3.  YMC


YMC Soprano Ukulele Hard-shell Case with Plush Interior and Storage.  American music pro has designed this high end deluxe case for soprano ukuleles. Certainly, both a beautiful and strong exterior hard-shell case and a plush interior protects your instrument from scratches as well as impact. Inside, there’s an additional compartment for small accessories like picks, strings or a tuner. Also, the case has a large handle for exceptional comfort and heavy duty anodized steel hardware with a silver finish

4.  Gator Journeyman GW-JM

Gator Journeyman Series GW-JM UKE-SOP Wooden Soprano Ukulele Case. Traditional sturdy wood case craftsmanship. Antique Brass Hardware
Royal blue crushed velvet interior with large internal accessory compartment. 25 x 25 x 5 inches.

5.  Guardian CG-044-UC

Guardian CG-044-UC Vintage Hard-shell Case for Concert Ukulele
From the heavy-duty arched top to the crushed velvet interior, these hard-shell cases are vintage in every detail. The cases feature a black tolex covering with a strong arched top, a plush velvet interior, six locking mechanisms, an accessory compartment and more. These hard-shells will protect your instrument with their tough design and dense interior.

Cross-Grained Wood Construction, Leather Handle, Crushed Emerald Velvet Interior, 20 mm High-Density Padding.

6.  Crossrock Hardshell Fiberglass Concert Ukulele Case

Crossrock CRF 1000 CUBK Hard-shell Fiberglass Concert Ukulele Case.

Customers can buy this thick padded case with  4 Latches and black glossy finish. Overall Length is 65.50cm (25.79in). Upper Bout 16.50cm (6.50in) . Lower Bout 21.00cm (8.27in) Waist 16.00cm (6.30in) Body Depth 7.00cm (2.76in) Weight is 2.0kg

7.  Gearlux Tenor Ukulele Hard-shell Case

Gearlux Tenor Ukulele Hardshell Case. This tenor ukulele hard-shell case is a necessity for all players, from beginners to experts. Certainly, you can use this quality ukulele hard-shell case when you travel with your tenor uke to protect it from dust and to make it easier to carry to a gig.  It has a poly-foam construction, felt interior, an exterior pocket with zipper, shoulder strap and carrying handle.
Therefore, this ukulele case is the perfect one for musicians looking for quality gear at an affordable price


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