Best Ukulele Gig Bags in 2019


ukulele gig bags
ukulele gig bags

The ukulele is a small instrument, but when you’re passionate about playing one, you’ll be surprised about how much a small instrument can become a big part of your life! Something like that deserves to be taken care of, and like any instrument, part of showing your ukulele a little love is making sure it gets around in one piece.  Transporting and carrying your instrument is a really important matter. Once you’re done practicing or performing,  you need a secure place to store your prized ukulele.    There are many external factors that can damage your ukulele. Factors over which we don’t have control of, such as weather, humidity, and exposure to sunlight. These factors can also have negative effects on the instrument. Below is a list with some of the best ukulele gig bags in case you need one.

Finding the Best Ukulele Gig Bag is a matter of taking into account some specific factors, such as the size and the material of the ukulele gig bag. There are several types of gig bags on the market to store and protect your ukulele. Although a guitar bag would do the trick, the idea is to have the right one with the precise dimensions to ensure better protection for your instrument.

You should definitely take the necessary time to explore all the options available out there in music stores and in the shopping websites. Each ukulele gig bag brings something different to the forefront, so making sure you check out each until you find the one that best fits your requirements.  Make sure to shop based on the size of your ukulele[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Top 7  Best Ukulele Gig Bags in 2019

1.  Cordoba Deluxe Tenor Gig bag

Cordoba Deluxe Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag

If you need an extra protection for comfort and ease of use, the gig bag has heavy-duty water resistant nylon denier with thick foam padding. Fits all Cordoba tenor  and tenor cutaway ukuleles, plus the Cordoba Guilele and Guilele CE. It will also fit ukuleles that measure approximately 173mm (6.7″) at the upper bout, 231mm (9.1″) at lower bout, and 673mm (26.5″) in total length.

2.  Ibanez IUBC541BE Powerpad Gig bag

Ibanez IUBC541BE POWERPAD Concert Ukulele Gig Bag

This safe, stylish and smartly-designed gig bag will keep your precious instrument protected. With its padded bottom and sidewall, the Ibanez POWERPAD gig bag safely protects your gear from bumps or scratches that can happen while you’re hustling to your next show or session. With its handsome design, matched color heavyweight zippers, the POWERPAD 541 Ukulele bag will never get lost in a sea of plain black canvas gig bags. Padding : Top, Back, Side, Bottom=10mm, Additional bottom pad=10mm Handles/Straps. Casual, outdoor style look including matched color interior and zippers. 10mm padding on sidewall and bottom (another 10mm padding on the bottom) to protect your ukulele.
Three exterior pockets for carrying tuner, picks, extra strings and other necessities. Fits Concert ukulele.

3.  MUSIC FIRST  Tenor Country Style Ukulele Gig Bag

MUSIC FIRST cotton 26″ Tenor Country Style Ukulele Gig Bag

This top quality country style Ukulele soft case, fits  26″ Tenor Ukulele, Inner size: 27″ * 10″ * 3.5″  It has a high capacity full sized front pocket , so you can put a Tuner,  Pack of String , Pick packs etc.  It has a really comfortable  0.6″ thickness handle. This gig bag will protects your ukulele very well. It is smooth and durable with a thick cotton double strap and a high-quality zipper.

4.  Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Gig Bag for Tenor Ukuleles

Gator Pro-Go Ultimate Gig Bag for Tenor Ukuleles 

The Gator Cases G-PG-UKE-TEN, Pro Go Series Tenor Ukulele gig-bag is the perfect choice for top of the line gig-bag protection at an affordable price. The extra durable nylon exterior provides ultimate protection against the elements. The exterior includes a large external front pocket for strings, picks, cables, and other accessories. Customers can enjoy a smaller outer pocket as well. The gig-bag also comes with thickly padded, adjustable shoulder strap and the sidewalls are packed thick with protective foam to prevent impact damage or dings to your Ukulele. The interior lines with a white, ultra-soft micro-fleece lining.

5.  CLOUD MUSIC Hawaiian Ukulele Gig Bag

CLOUD MUSIC Hawaiian Ukulele Case Vintage Blue Ukulele Gig Bag

This gig bag is made out of heavy cotton fabric and has adjustable backpack straps. It also comes with dual opening metal zippers and an outside accessory pocket with smooth zippers. The gig bag has a  comfortable handle and  10mm padding providing light protection to your instrument with stylish pattern.

6.  Tosnail Ukulele Padded Gig bag 

Tosnail 26 Inch Heavy Duty Ukulele Padded Bag

This is a top quality cotton ukulele cover. Fits all standard size Tenor Ukuleles. Features a carrying handle, shoulder strap, and accessory pocket. The reinforced pad above headstock prevents you ukulele from damage. The gig bag has a quality construction with dual opening heavy duty metal zippers.

7.  Crossrock Baritone Ukulele Gig bag

Crossrock Baritone Ukulele Gig Bag

It has sturdy and strong anti-scratch exterior, 10mm padded with a large outside pocket to store your ukulele accessories and comes with a padded strap in black and red.. This gig bag is an excellent choice for your Baritone ukulele.

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