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 Learn 4 chords and play at least 24 songs

Here’s my mash-up of 24 popular 4 chords songs* on ukulele and piano using four easy chords.

This is an example of some 4 chords songs* that can be played using the same four chords, in the same order C–G–Am–F (which is the I–V–vi–IV progression), and the same time signature (4 beats per bar). What makes this mashup unique? This is the only mashup (from its beginning to its end) where each song* has the same 3 parameters.

The same 4 chords C–G–Am–F The same chord progression I–V–vi–IV The same time signature (4 beats per bar) Keeping consistency throughout the whole mashup is really important. Why? There are many mashups on YouTube with popular songs with 4 chords, but none of these keeps all the 3 parameters above consistent throughout the whole mashup. Some mashups mix 2 or even 3 progressions I–V–vi–IV (C–G–Am–F) with V–vi–IV–I (G–Am–F–C) or with vi–IV–I–V (Am–F–C–G or with IV–I–V–vi (F–C–G–Am) Also, some of the songs have 4/4 time signatures, some 2/4.

This inconsistency in parameters makes the process of learning songs confusing and hard to remember as some of the songs may start with G and will end with C, some will start with Am and will end with G, etc. Yes, all the songs will use the same 4 chords but what is the chord order for each of them? And what if you decide to change the order of the mashup`s songs and create your own mashup? How are you supposed to remember the first chord of each song, which one is the next…the last? Well, you will not have such issues here :). Just learn the 4 chords C–G–Am–F, and you are good to go. You will know that all the songs will start with C and will end with F. .

A few notes about the four chords mashup:

* Song = part of a song (typically only 8 bars per song) not the whole song.

All songs in this video are using all four chords in the same order C–G–Am–F In the same time signature, for the purpose of this video I did transpose some of the songs (I did change their original key). Although all songs (parts of a song) in my mashup use the same four chords, the same chord progression, and the same time signature, the original songs may have more than 4 chords and additional chord progressions throughout the whole song.

Hopefully this “Learn 4 chords and play 24 songs” mashup gives you an idea though on easy songs to learn for the ukulele and piano.

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