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There are several different ukulele sizes out there. The one that I want to focus on here is the baritone ukulele.  Also, you will learn more about baritone ukulele tuning and will see some of the best baritone ukuleles. It is the largest of the various ukuleles on the market and offers the following:

  • Length: 30”
  • Frets: 19+
  • Tuning: DGBE


One of the reasons why many people like the baritone uke is because it is tuned in much the same way as the guitar is. Obviously, you only have four strings. Baritone ukulele tuning is the same as the tuning of the top four guitar strings. The result is a nice, deep sound. The problem, however, is that the sound is not going to be as crisp and as bright as some of the other ukulele tunings. For example, if you had used a soprano ukulele.  Most baritone ukuleles come with nylon strings. You probably know that nylon is not affected by humidity, but significant temperature change can require you to re-tune your instrument more often.

The sound

Since the sound of the baritone is going to be nice and deep, it is unlikely that you will want to use a baritone uke for strumming. You can do that, but it is not going to sound that brilliant. Instead, this is a ukulele that is reserved for blues-style music where you can do some fingerpicking. The sound that it produces in this regard is absolutely beautiful.

Basically, if you are into fingerpicking songs, then this is the route to go. It is probably worth pointing out that many people do not see the baritone ukulele as a great introduction to the world of ukulele. This is mainly because most of the people who get started want to learn how to strum so they can play rhythm along with their singing. As a second or third instrument to add to your collection, however, it is fantastic!

Moving to Baritone Ukulele

If you play guitar, then moving should be simple. In fact, you can easily convert some of the guitar tabs that you find online to this instrument. If this is the only ukulele that you own, then you can convert the baritone ukulele to sound similar to a soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele. Assuming that the open strings are in standard tuning, then all you need to do is put a capo on the 5th fret. This means that you can play exactly the same tunes as you would if you were on any other ukulele. This may be the best route to go down if this is your first instrument. Certainly, this is a worthwhile instrument to learn.

Baritone Ukulele Tuning

Typically, Baritone ukulele tuning is D3  G3  B3  E4.  Use our online ukulele tuner  belowto tune your ukulele. Tap the play symbol and tune the string to the tone.  The video tutorial below will also help you tune your ukulele by ear.

Baritone Chord Shape Equivalents in Standard tuning

When you place a capo on the 5th fret of a baritone ukulele, the open strings would be G C E A, which means you will have the Standard ukulele tuning for a soprano /concert/ tenor ukulele.

Baritone Soprano/Concert/Tenor
Am Dm
Bm Em
B7 E7
D7 G7
E7 A7
Em Am
F Bb
G7 C7

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Top 7 Best Baritone ukuleles 2020

1. Makala Baritone Mahogany Ukulele by Kala (MK-B)

The  Kala MK-B   is a combination of great performance at a reasonable price. This baritone ukulele is made of quality materials. It features a mahogany wood, agathis body and head. The rosewood bridge and fretboard and the overall satin finish add to the impressive aesthetics of this instrument.  The geared tuners and sturdy tuning head make it easy to tune the instrument smoothly. Kala MK-B also comes equipped with a sturdy bridge saddle. The top, sides and back are made of agathis. The ease of play with its mahogany frame makes it great to handle for everybody.


  • Top – Agathis
  • Back & Sides – Agathis
  • Neck –  Mahogany
  • Fretboard – Rosewood ( 18 Frets )
  • Bridge –  Rosewood
  • Finish –  Matt
  • Tuners –  Open Geared Tuners, Cream Buttons
  • Strings –  GHS Black Nylon Strings


  • very well-constructed
  • affordable
  • functional and aesthetic
  • deep and clear sound
  • comfortable to hold
  • premium brass frets


  • a bit too basic and simple


For an entry-level ukulele at this price, you may anticipate some degree of issues with playability and sound quality,  yet this Makala MK-B baritone ukulele doesn’t have any of those issues and is an incredible choice for anyone.


Caramel 30 CB103  Electric Acoustic is adorned with zebrawood and an excellent mirror polish. Zebrawood is characterized by a striped figure that is reminiscent of a zebra. But, appearance isn’t the biggest highlights of this wood. The volume and tone of Zebrawood are quite good because it can cover a wide range of frequencies including lower end. The neck on Caramel CB103 has a unique design.  It comes with a polished fingerboard, with good frets and excellent play-ability. The uke has a walnut bridge with buffalo bone saddle hardware.
  • exotic high gloss Zebrawood body
  • 1 extra set G-C-E-A string set
  • 12mm padded gig bag
  • 3x guitar picks, 1x cleaning cloth,
  • 1x ukulele wall hanger, 1x ukulele strap (with pegs)
  • 3 bands EQ
  • built-in tuner with LCD
  • Aquila Strings


  • Holds the tune well
  • Elegant, with a very good finish
  • Quality electronics that produce a good sound


  • The action might be too high


This baritone ukulele brings a lot more that you could ever imagine from a ukulele that cost around  $100. It is a great choice for both professional and beginners.

3. Cordoba 20BM Baritone Ukulele

The Cordoba 20BM Baritone Ukulele is a full–mahogany body build uke with great aesthetics and impressive performances. The natural wood pattern rosette and satin finish make this baritone a really beautiful instrument. It comes with Aquila Nylgut baritone uke strings in one of the most popular tunings, which matches the top 4 strings on a guitar (DGBE). This ukulele has a rich sound, which is deeper than some of the other baritone ukes. It is very handy for all level players.



  • Solid mahogany top
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Natural satin finish
  • Aquila Nylgut Baritone strings (DGBE)


  • High-quality Aquila strings included (for DGBE tuning)
  • Made from quality mahogany wood
  • Comes with pearl fret inlays
  • Natural feeling action
  • Great for players with larger hands


  • a bit more expensive


Finding a premium range solid mahogany baritone ukulele at this price range is not easy.  Therefore, the Cordoba 20BM definitely deserves its place on this list and it is a solid choice for all uke players.

4. Ortega RUACA-BA Baritone ukulele

The Ortega RUACA-BA baritone ukulele is fully featured and boast a solid acacia soundboard, laminated acacia sides and solid acacia back. The neck on this ukulele has a comfortable feel. It features 18 frets tecwood fingerboard. It stays in tune thanks to a set of gold die-cast close-gear Ortega tuners. The Ortega Acacia series ukuleles are constructed with a solid acacia top and solid Acacia back and sides in satin. This baritone model is a 510mm scale complete with 18 frets and comes with a gig bag. The construction of this uke is excellent  with a great action.  Ortega has a warm and thick tone, with solid lows and bright highs.


  • Solid Acacia top, Satin Open Pore finish
  • Solid Acacia back & sides with Padouk top, bottom & Fretboard Binding, satin Open Pore finish
  • Baritone, 510 mm Scale, Okonma neck, satin Open Pore finish, 18 Frets
  • Die-Cast tuning machines, Gold W/ black buttons
  • Includes free deluxe Gig Bag


  • Solid acacia soundboard
  • Deep and warm sound
  • Great play-ability
  • Very good sound projection


  • A bit costly


The RUACA-BA has a powerful projection and volume, resulting in a larger sound when picking and strumming equally. In addition, it features a baritone body which is the largest member of the ukulele family and is perfect for the guitar players who want to transition from guitar to the ukulele. Additionally, the baritone body of RUACA-BA, produces a fuller and deeper sound than the  soprano ukuleles, yet still holds that lively ukulele sound character.

5. Kala KA-SA-B Baritone Ukulele

The Kala KA-SA-B  is a premium model of ukulele offered to ukulele players. This ukulele features a solid acacia wood body in satin finish to produce traditional tones. Acacia wood is very similar to koa (which is widely used in higher-grade instruments). The tone wood body is matched with a comfortable solid mahogany neck top with 18 frets, a set of classical style chrome-plated open-geared machineheads on a slotted headstock. It features a walnut bridge with GrapTech NuBone saddle, GrapTech NuBone nut and Aquila Super Nylgut strings.


  • Solid acacia soundboard in satin finish
  • Solid acacia back and sides
  • 18 frets walnut fingerboard with dot inlays
  • Comfortable solid mahogany neck
  • Chrome-plated open-geared machine heads on a slotted headstock
  • Walnut bridge with GrapTech NuBone saddle
  • GrapTech NuBone nut


  • Acacia body gives an excellent sound.
  • Fingerboard feels professional and easy to play
  • The neck and action are great
  • Awesome sustain


  • lack of any sort of electronics


You just need a quick listen to tell the difference between a baritone ukulele at this quality level compared to many others lower-priced ones. The features of the KA-SA-B are top-notch and this well-crafted, higher-end instrument provides smooth action,rich tone, and a great sound projection.

6. Oscar Schmidt OU57 Spalted Mango Baritone Ukulele

The Oscar Schmidt OU 57 Spalted Mango Baritone Ukulele is an unique instrument made of mango tree wood. Mango is another island wood that is perfect for ukuleles. The Oscar Schmidt OU 57  has a classic design and superior resonance. The sound of this ukulele is rich and mellow. Its projection and tone are phenomenal.


  • Mango top, sides, and back
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Gloss finish
  • Grover Chrome tuners


  • Great Oscar Schmidt workmanship
  • Spalted mango wood used on the body
  • Excellent resonance
  • Beautiful gloss finish
  • A great, easy action
  • Stays in tune for a long time


  • Minor buzzing on strings – you may need to upgrade your string set


Oscar Schmidt OU57  is probably the best baritone you can get your hands on. Even though it’s somewhat expensive compared to all the others in this list, it justifies its price tag.

7. Lanikai ACSTB Baritone Ukulele

The Lanikai ACSTB Baritone Ukulele  has an extraordinarily rich tone. The body of this uke is made of acacia. The tone of this ukulele is smooth and “creamy”.  It has high-quality Chrome open-back tuners. Consequently, your ukulele will stay in tune for a long time.It includes NuBone XB nut and saddle. For comfortable playing, the ACST-B offers quite a wide neck, wider nut, D’Addario strings and satin finish.


  • D’Addario® EJ88 strings
  • Wide comfortable neck profile for player comfort,
  • Acacia grained wood
  • Chrome Strap Buttons
  • NuBone XB® nut and saddle
  • Chrome open back tuners for tuning accuracy
  • Light headstock
  • Wide nut and neck profile for player comfort


  • Quality materials
  • Beautiful finish
  • Good playability
  • Sturdy walnut fingerboard


  • The price may put a few people off


The ACST-B is a beautifully crafted baritone ukulele that delivers a full, classic baritone uke tone. The beautiful walnut fingerboard offers a great response as well, whether you’re strumming or finger-picking. A NuBone XB saddle and nut also provide tonal support to the already tone-rich acacia body.


Baritone ukuleles are hot and have gained in popularity. Nowadays, manufacturers are racing to meet demand. As we all know, the baritone is typically tuned like the highest four strings of a guitar, D G B E, but with its smaller body and shorter scale length than a guitar, it has a different tone than a guitar or other ukulele sizes. Therefore, these features give ukulele players a lot of new opportunities.  At the moment, there are many quality ukuleles available at very affordable prices. So, you can`t go wrong if you choose any model from the list above.

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