Ukulele tuner 432 Hz

432 HZ Ukulele tuner

Some people call 432 Hz tuning (A = 432) a SUPERIOR TUNING.  A=432Hz is also known as “Verdi’s A,” after composer Giuseppe Verdi, who preferred the 432 standard. Many people say that 432 Hz affects emotional response, timbre, character, and tone compared to the standard tuning of A = 440 Hz, and whether or not it is humanly possible to discern a difference between these two tunings? There is a belief among some that 432 is more in harmony with the universe as middle C is closer to 256Hz, a frequency that is a multiple of 8Hz, the rate that is known as “the heartbeat of Earth.”


The ukulele can be tuned to a large range of tunings such as standard and alternate tunings. Theoretically, each string can be set to any note, if it is within the range of the maximum and minimum tension for the string. However, there is a lot of tunings that are widely used for the ukulele. It is recommended to use standard tunings for playing popular music.  Alternate tunings and 432 Hz ukulele tuning are useful in general for more experimental work.  

432 Hz  Ukulele Tuning

432 Hz Baritone ukulele tuning

432 Hz Low G ukulele tuning

432 Hz Half Step Down ukulele tuning

432 Hz Full Step Down Ukulele Tuning

432 Hz Full Step Up Ukulele Tuning

Standard Ukulele Tuner

If you want to tune your uke to the standard (440 Hz) tunings visit our free online ukulele tuner  page.   


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