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Vance Joy

Vance Joy is an Australian singer-songwriter currently signed to Atlantic Records. Music was not always where Vance was destined to end up, however. He started his ‘career’ as an Australian Rules Football Player. Once the music thing started to take off, he decided to ditch the sport and focus on his recording.

He was lucky enough to pick up his first recording contract back in 2013 (he was 24 at the time). Shortly afterwards, he launched his first EP; God Loves When You’re Dancing. One of the songs from this album, Riptide, was an absolute smash hit in Australia. It ended up with the single being certified triple platinum in Australia. We have no doubt that it managed to nail Joy a ton of cash too. It was used heavily in GoPro TV advertising throughout America, although the single never really took off there for some reason.

As with most musicians, Vance Joy really started to get a feel for music. Not by making his own but by covering other people’s music. He once famously talked about how he used to play along to songs, notably those from Green Day and make up his own lyrics over the top of them, often with a bit of a silly edge to it. He still takes inspiration from other people’s songs too. If you listen to the song ‘My Kind of Man’, you will likely notice that it takes inspiration from Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘Simple Man’.

At the moment, we are only a single album into the contract that Joy has with Atlantic Records, which means that we still have a lot to come from this fabulous ukulele player!

Dream Your Life Away

This album was released on 5th September 2014. It charted at number 1 in Australia, 20 in the UK, and 17 in the US. This is not bad for a new player by any stretch of the imagination, particularly when you factor in the fact that the ukulele is not the most popular instrument in the world when it comes to the charts.

As mentioned previously, Riptide was the most popular song on this album, but ‘From Afar’ was the lead single.  The third single was ‘Mess is Mine’ and the fourth ‘First Time’. The fifth and final single was released in February 2015 (Georgia). A deluxe version of the album was released with two more singles popping up.

This album was very much in the ‘acoustic folk pop’ genre. It is very romantic in style. It did receive heavy praise around the world, although understandably there was some critics that did not really see the appeal of it all. If you are looking for an amazing ukulele album, however, then you are probably going to be hard-pressed to find something that is better than this.

The album has currently sold over 1,000,000 units in the United States and, by all accounts, it is still going strong there. We have no doubt that his next offering will be even better.


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