Twenty One Pilots

You have probably heard of Twenty One Pilots. They have produced some fantastic albums over the years. This is one of only a few ‘multi-genre’ bands. They do everything from hip hop to pop rock.

While the band has gone through a couple of iterations over the years, the band is now formed of just two people. You have Tyler Joseph (most of our focus is going to be on this chap) and Josh Dun. However, there is quite a story to tell before we get to that point.

The band was formed back in 2009. Columbus, Ohio was the place where Tyler Joseph, Chris Salih and Nick Thomas met. Their first album came out at the tail end of 2009 and it was a mild hit. They embarked on a tour of Ohio right after. Early on in 2011, two of the founding members left (Thomas and Salih) and Josh Dun joined the band.

It was at this point that the band really began to hit its stride. While Tyler Joseph spends most of it time with vocals and the keyboard, he does like to get a bit experimental on occasion. You likely will have seen some of the ukulele covers from Twenty One Pilots, which we are going to discuss shortly. On just about every album the band has released, you will find Tyler Joseph tinkering away with his ukulele somewhere in the music.

The ukulele has become a key part of their sound now. It doesn’t take the center stage like some of the other ukulele bands, but we love it that way. It goes to show that the ukulele can easily blend in with the sounds of dozens of different genres.

Let’s go back to the history of the band. It was in April 2012 that the band was signed to Atlantic Records. While they had released a few ‘free’ songs before that and a few albums, they were only a regional band. In fact, they even state that they are with their album Regional at Best. The band were picked up during the wave of alternative acts dominating the airwaves. They ended up on the same record label as Paramore and Panic! At the disco.

Shortly after being signed they released a three-song EP (titled Three Songs) and embarked on a tour. Their first full-length album, Vessel, dominated the charts at the time. Well, doing as much dominating as a relatively new act could do.

In recent years, they have been pumping out album after album and performing to sell-out crowds around the world. They have even managed to get their songs into big budget movies, with Suicide Squad being the most recent of them. The band are currently on somewhat of a hiatus. This means they aren’t performing. Instead, they have gone into ‘hiding’ to focus on some new music. They have a couple of dates planned for later this year, but don’t expect them to be doing a massive tour anytime soon.

Let’s focus on what you came here for; ukulele covers.

Can’t Help Falling in Love With You

This is probably one of the most epic ukulele covers you are going to see. Obviously, the original was performed by the one and only Elvis Presley. There is something quite magical about the original version of the song. Most covers go wrong because they try to detract from what made the song so special in the first place. Not Twenty One Pilots. This stripped-back ukulele cover is almost perfect. The video to the cover is even better (seriously, check it out!).

Brown Eyed Girl

Everyone and their mother has covered Brown Eyed Girl on their ukulele. It is a very easy song to play. Therefore, Twenty One Pilots needed to do something exceedingly special with their take on it. They did. Their effortless version of this song combines cool ukulele sounds with a banging drum beat in the background. Probably one of the most modern versions of this song you will ever hear!

Cover Medley

If you want to hear one of the greatest ukulele covers of all time, then you need to hear this. Twenty One Pilots blended the following songs into a fantastic remix:

  • Alicia Keys – No One
  • Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life
  • DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win

If anybody told you that the ukulele is an instrument which has no unique sound, show them this video. Show them just how fantastic the ukulele can be when it is in the ‘right hands’. Their jaw will drop. We promise you.


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