Online Ukulele Tuner

online ukulele tunerUkesong offers you an advanced online ukulele tuner to keep your ukulele in tune without the need of an electronic tuner. Our tuner supports the most popular ukulele tunings. By default, the tuner is using standard ukulele tuning G C E A.

To Tune Your Ukulele

Turn up the volume on your computer or mobile phone.  Choose the tuning by clicking on the appropriate tab. For example, click on  canadian ukulele tuning  tab. Таp the play symbol and play along with the tuner. Tune your ukulele strings to the corresponding strings on the online tuner until they both sound the same.


Standard ukulele tuning  or  “C”  or  High G

G4  C4  E4  A4


Standard ukulele tuning  or  “C”  or  Low G

G3  C4  E4  A4


English or  Soprano ukulele tuning or “D

A4  D4  F#4  B4


Canadian ukulele tuning  or  “D”  or  Low A

A3  D4  F#4  B4


Baritone ukulele tuning  or “G

D3  G3  B3  E4


Slide ukulele tuning

G4  C4  E  A#4






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